Banco De Gaia – For Such A Time EP

English / Polish version

Banco De Gaia - For Such A Time EP
    Banco De Gaia
    For Such A Time EP

      1. For Such a Time
      2. For Such a Time (Kuba Remix)
      3. For Such a Time (System 7 Remix)
      4. For Such a Time (Animat Remix)


Set and settings – an evening, a squishy blanket, my favourite pyjamas, a delicious kettle of black tea with a suggestive name, 'Indian trail’ – the ideal conditions to listen with full attention to what Banco De Gaia prepared in his EP from December 2013. FOR SUCH A TIME is a material, which consists of four tracks having the same title, with the difference that the first one corresponds to Toby Marks (Banco De Gaia) himself, while the remaining three are sequentially remixes of the same track, created by projects such as: Kuba, System 7 and Animat. I do not think I could choose anything better during the evening spent in a warm house, when outside the window it is gray and depressing. To me Banco De Gaia project has always been connected, and probably it will remain so, with the East – while only hearing the same name of the project, immediately in my head few tabs are opening: India, Nepal, Tibet, sunrises, warm climate, the smell of incense and spices, flavours, which can only be found in Asia. This time it is similar, except that in some of the tracks from the EP, there is more or less of the Asian climate. And do, the EP begins Toby Marks, then with a quite distinct bass line enters Kuba, whose successor, System 7 introduces a very pleasant, rocking atmosphere. The last remix of FOR SUCH A TIME took up the project Animat, who with his deep dub asks to uprise the ass from a comfortable couch.

For me, and probably also for you, Banco De Gaia is not an unknown artist – indeed, I’ve known him for many years, but just now I’ve read where from it takes its name. The information about the history of a man named Banco de Gaia I found on the website of the artist himself: 'Banco de Gaia was a 17th century Portuguese fisherman who came across a giant golden pyramid sticking out of the Atlantic one day. He went back to his village to tell eveyone else and when they got back they were just in time to see the top of the pyramid disappearing beneath the waves.’

7 / 10