Iacchus – Together As One

English / Polish version

Iacchus – Together As One
    Together As One

      1. Together As One
      2. Dancing With The Mystery
      3. Back To The Source
      4. Fire In The Equations
      5. The Frog Delusion
      6. Tree Of Knowledge
      7. Pronoia
      8. The Greatest Show In The Multiverse
      9. Spirit Molecule
      10. Lillypadding


I will be honest with you – I can not write much about the artist. Once, somewhere I heard this distinctive alias referring to the Greek mythology. A young god who was usually depicted in a wreath of myrtle on his head and with a burning torch in his hand, led the Eleusinian mysteries. A nickname Iakchos can also be found in many sources of the Greek literature as a term of the god Dionysus. Here this figure portrays a young but very talented Briton. I do not know whether the fact that I did not even find his name perhaps will not be faux pas, but probably it is not so important, right? I still think that in this music there is no place for shiny stars, names sounding proudly, autographs, promotion and even if I am wrong, it seems to me that I want to be stuck in such a (maybe mistaken) conviction. Perhaps, I depart from the subject a little bit, so it is time to go to the most important thing, I mean TOGETHER AS ONE.

When in 2008 the first album of Iacchus entitled SUBJECTIVITY has appeared, it made a huge impression on me. Then I appreciated the role, for which is responsible a button ‘repeat all’ on my mp3 player. I have listened to this album everywhere and trust me, that it has always been proper and great. Every time it aroused the same positive emotions as when I has heard it for the first time. So surely you can imagine my joy when, after three years I learned that soon in my hands will fall another production of Iacchus and finally I will have the opportunity to compare those two albums. I admit that in a case of sequels it is never easy. Once someone complains that the album is imitative, and that we get exactly the same as in the case of the previous release, then someone else does not like that the artist has completely changed the style and the album in general does not resemble its predecessor. It is very difficult to feel the re-enchantment. Fortunately, in the case of TOGETHER AS ONE it all worked out. The style with which we meet in this album is very similar to that one from SUBJECTIVITY, but certainly we can not accuse that this album is a copy of its predecessor. It really is a good job. The album has not got some worse moments, and a recipient from first to last track has the impression that he is participating in something truly unique, unearthly (could it be a reference to the Eleusinian Mysteries?). From the first sounds we are drawn into and absorbed by the psychedelic world that presents us talented Briton with his latest album. As I have mentioned earlier, it is hard to get bored here, the album is very diverse, the artist can easily ‘jump’ to various genres of the downtempo sounds, but what is the most important – he does it with the great sensitivity. The famous theme of putting the listener to sleep just to wake him after a moment by doing something completely unexpected. I admit that I have already tasted the album in all possible ways: during my way to work, on the bus, during a trip in the mountains, when I rode a bicycle through fields, walked around the city and probably in many other places that I can not even enumerate, always with the same positive effect causing a broad smile on my face.

To all those who have not yet come into a contact with the work of Iacchus, I recommend to catch up as soon as possible. The artist, despite the fact that he is not currently the most popular in the world of chillout, does a really solid music, which often can not be written about ‘more famous’ musicians. Now we only need to wear sandals, go for a long walk outside the city, find a quiet meadow or glade, settle down comfortably there, wear headphones and start an adventure with TOGETHER AS ONE. I assure you that you will have no desire to return home.


8 / 10