Evan Bluetech – Call Of The Wild EP

English / Polish version

Evan Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP
    Evan Bluetech
    Call Of The Wild EP

      1. Green Sophia
      2. Abandon All Cities
      3. Another Bridge Burning
      4. Mysteriosa Flambeau
      5. Spirit Summons


Evan Marc Bartholomew or Bluetech began his career as a producer and composer in 2003 thanks to Truffle Records and partly Interchill Records. The same year became also the turning point because in August he released his first album – PRIMA MATERIA. The following years gave even EPs: ELEMENTARY PARTICLES, HONEY IN THE HEART and full-length albums: SINES AND SINGULARITIES or the most recent – THE DIVINE INVASION. Bluetech says about his music that it is ‘Psyintelligent Dance Music’ and whether this is also his EP, we shall see in a moment.

THE CALL OF THE WILD includes five different musical themes, which are available both in CD and electronic form. The first theme, GREEN SOPHIA is a curving thread of understanding between the light but firm beat and a flowing melody. When for the moment we close our eyes the imagination will play some tricks. We will feel how the sound tastes. ABANDON ALL CITIES, or track number two, I associate with the loss, with the journey to unknown areas, the exploration of uninhabited land. It is even possible that someone on this path seeks his own, right way. But it is hard to find here the true purpose of our trip. Number three – ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNING and from the beginning it reminds me of Dr. Paterson’s productions. A peaceful track, elaborated in every inch, without unnecessary clink. It maunders like the stratocumulus in the blue sky. Very happily and pleasantly. The penultimate MYSTERIOSA FLAMBEAU is a Yugoslav story written by the same Nemanja Kusturica. Slightly Balkan motifs are interwoven with the deep bassline and a variety of rumbling, clink, wheezing. Cleverly composed mixture of styles. The end is the track SPIRIT SUMMONS in which a slight breeze brings our tired body to the green meadow warmed by the sun. A track full of grace, charm and a myriad of positive chilling energy.

The EP of Bluetech is original in its own way. It is characterized by brotherhood, unity, repetition, but everyone can catch something for himself in each of the five tracks presented. An artistry of Bluetech was confirmed again.

7 / 10