Koan – Red Path

English / Polish version

Koan - Red Path
    Red Path

      1. Seven Star Brother
      2. Totem
      3. Mitakuye Oyasin


Is it necessary to introduce a duo – Daniel Roeth and William Grey to anyone? I think that every listener of psychedelic version of chillout will find it a redundant factor, and to the one who meets with those names for the first time I strongly recommend to get to know with the previous reviews of the project Koan, which are available to read for a long time in our reviews section. This time the duo from Moscow without any unnecessary, earlier announcements gives us an EP having a grateful name – RED PATH, which we can get for free by downloading it from the 'bandcamp’ profile of the aforementioned group.

I must admit that the style presented by the duo has always exerted a positive impression on me, and even though a lot of its tracks are based on similar schemes, every time each of them tastes differently. We can easily say that it is always better, and certainly unique and distinctive. What Koan reminds me the most, are the sweet sounds, but tamed by a good arrangement, a light hint of Far Eastern climates and most of all – an amazing, positive energy flowing from each subsequent sound that is heard (despite the ubiquitous, characteristic simplicity). Maybe their productions can not pull us out of the chair, they do not push our tired feet to a state of joyful binge on the dance floor, but certainly they give a positive feeling and bring a large dose of relaxation. The EP, RED PATH does not bring any innovation, because once again, Daniel and William are trying to charm us with some flagship tracks, dripping with some sweet melodies, hypnotic meditation and blissful state of laziness. Apparently it is all corny, but definitely it is created with a grace and specific purpose – with an intent to arouse listener’s smile and satisfaction that probably will be useful for each of us even in a small dose.

Anyone who wants to sweeten his ears for a while, should visit the 'koantunes’ profile and click 'download’. I think it is worth it!

6.5 / 10