DJ Zen – In Dub

English / Polish version

DJ Zen - In Dub
    DJ Zen
    In Dub

      1. All Is Full Of Fairies
      2. 2010 A Dub Odyssey
      3. Dub On The Moon (Instrumental Mix)
      4. Dub Is My Religion
      5. 2010 A Dub Odyssey (Heavy Dreads For An Heavy Dub Voice Mix)
      6. Dub On The Moon
      7. Illusion Of Eternity (2009 Remaster)
      8. I Believe (2009 Remaster)
      9. No Woman No Cry (DJ Zen Remix)


In the meantime, when an excellent series of five elements was created, DJ Zen even gave us a sample of his capabilities in a form of an album called IN DUB. Let us see, what lies under that name.

Some solo achievements of Gabriel Descoutieras are already a slightly different style than the previous compilations maintained in a psychill climate. So, at the very beginning we get a sample of the possibilities of DJ Zen in the form of ALL IS FULL OF FAIRIES, which swings us from the left to the right in a true reggae-dub style. 2010 A DUB ODYSSEY using a metallic sound of drums and trumpets, continues the reggae-electronic style. The track exudes a rasta energy and proves that Altar Records is not only some hypnotic-chillout sounds. DUB ON THE MOON in an instrumental version no longer sways like its predecessors, but in an atmosphere of some piercing, cosmic sounds allows for an exploration of some unknown spaces. It is quite interesting, but sometimes too monotonous. DUB IS MY RELIGION mixes well with itself a vibrant dub and slightly hypnotic chill, which is humming gently somewhere in the background. In the second version of a dub ‘Odyssey’ we get an additional male vocal, which at some time varies the whole with its ‘calls’. There is not a lot of differentiation here and I like a little bit more the version without the vocal. The sixth item on the disc is an another attempt to cope with what has already been. DUB ON THE MOON is deprived of its instrumental sound, but that causes nothing, because again we get the same track with a male voice, which from time to time gives us its thoughts. Two tracks, in two different, but practically the same versions – that is a rather unconventional solution. ILLUSION OF ETERNITY will give us a little break from a great dose of current dub. However the track itself can be divided into two parts. The first one is a delightful and peaceful journey among some enchanting sounds, and the second reminds us that the album is called IN DUB. I BELIEVE also does not overflow so much with a vibrating beat, but it gives you a feeling of a deep enigmatic nature. At the end, Zen will give us a pleasure by proposing the version of NO WOMAN NO CRY and in the friendly atmosphere we will finish our journey with IN DUB.

For sure, the whole is known to be quite original and definitely different from the previous productions under the hand of Gabriel. The first few tracks are a tribute to the reggae and dub music, which I think was too much ‘extended’ by using some other versions of the same tracks. The ending of the album is a great mixture of what DJ Zen makes the best. A blend of some lightly dub sounds with the magical chillout passes an examination in one hundred percent.

7 / 10