Seamoon – Expression Of The Moment

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Seamoon - Expression Of The Moment
    Expression Of The Moment

      1. Expression Of The Moment
      2. Genetic Guitars
      3. Zentimental
      4. Satanic Pleasures
      5. I’ve Got No Philosophy
      6. Stages Of Depth
      7. Storytelling Frequencies
      8. Surrounding Stillness
      9. Connecting The Source


Two years are a lot of time, especially if we talk about waiting and I have had to wait for so much time for the reviewed album. For the first time I had a chance to encounter with the EP of Seamoon about two years ago, i.e. in 2010, and I must admit that then A TWISTED DOWNBEAT ADVENTURE made a big impression on me (indeed, it makes it up to now). Two years later, of course to my great delight, I came across another EP released by Altar Records: DMTONES, which only strengthened my conviction that the music created by Simon Neumann is the art, not only superlative, but I can even say that it is a breakthrough one.

My first feelings after listening to this album were a bit different from what I think about it at the moment. As I wrote before, I have choked properly on the works of Seamoon, and the tracks from the aforementioned album I know almost by heart. It is even an ideal essence of the psychedelic chillout, it is exactly that thing for what I have loved the music and the answer to the question, why I listen to it for so long. You can not call it a disappointment, because it certainly would be a false term, and for sure an exaggerated one, but for me still something was missing in it. So I listened to this album once, second, third, fifth and tenth, I listened to it at different times of the day and night, doing grocery shopping in the morning, in the evening, when I was lying in bed just before falling asleep, driving or devoting it 100% of my attention. However, each time it invoked in me completely different emotions and I received it in a different way that is difficult to define clearly.

This is certainly very mature kind of music, which in addition to the standard electronics contains a lot of so-called living elements – sounds of nature are almost ubiquitous here, which definitely adds a little spice to the album and makes that you listen to it with much more interest. Sometimes the album seems to be even a little bit dark, and with headphones on your ears and your eyes closed, you can feel like watching a good thriller. Seamoon rules in a masterly way or maybe he is only just playing with our emotions, exposing them to various tests which are limited only to the strength of our imagination (I admit that I went really far in it). However, the album EXPRESSION OF THE MOMENT described by me unfortunately contains a few tracks or rather fragments of tracks that plague my ear and listening to them umpteenth time, they start to irritate me. Ironically, also in exactly the same tracks I can find some really euphoric and exciting inserts and till now I think whether this effect is not an accident made intentionally.

For a long time I have wondered about the assessment of this album, because as I wrote earlier, comparing to two previous albums it does not sound quite as good, but it would be a sin to write that the album is one of many of that kind. I think maybe I had a bit too high expectations, and even though I got a piece of really solid music, I remained unsatisfied. On the other hand, whatever I would write about this album, I definitely need to summarize that it is psychedelic in its purest form.


7 / 10