[ Psylesia ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Brighton UK
    WHAT: Psychedelic (fullon)
    ALBUM: plenty
    PARTY: maybe Boom 1998
    LIKE: Parvati
    DISLIKE: hmm…
    PRIVATELY: Tripper


Each collective needs someone who would be an oasis of peace, order and control. In Psylesia this role is reserved for Dudi, who is always with stoic calmness can relieve a tense atmosphere. Co-founder of the group, as well as all Silesian psytrance scene, he is the oldest and the most experience member of the collective. For years Dudilikes to play hard and strong, which resulted in frequent appearances in clubs throughout the whole country or the Polish festival Moondalla. But not just „the forest music” the man lives, and therefore Dudi does not avoid the smoothly sounds coming mainly from Ultimae Records, which can be demonstrated by its hypnotic and relaxing sets played in our chillroom. Unfortunately not too often we hear Dudi at Inqbator events, and this is because of his stay in the British Isles. However, when he can, he always appears at our parties, which raises the general public sympathy.