Celt Islam – Medina

English / Polish version

Celt Islam - Medina
    Celt Islam

      1. Freedom
      2. Medina
      3. Afrika
      4. Warrior Dub
      5. Khanaqa


An EP, MEDINA is a crispy dub from Manchester and although someone, who did not have the opportunity to encounter the project Celt Islam, may have some big doubts about it. I calm you down, at the outset, because we are not dealing here with songs of praise, but with a fat and solid dose of dub from the top shelf. After a considerable disappointment which recently gave me my favourite, dub projects in their new albums, I admit that to this EP I have approached with a large dose of distance. It soon turned out that the British project, despite the fact that it has quite a lot to offer (and I do not write this only on the basis of the reviewed album), has not said its last word yet – and that’s very well.

These five tracks are tending to be quite interesting, they have a quaint, though certainly not an innovative sound (of which nowadays it is really hard), but without hesitation I can say that they are doing their job, that is they expose a strong rhythm section (drums, bass) and they swing nicely. One might ask: what more could you want, after all it is a definition of good, dub album. Maybe. However, as for me the tracks seem to be unfinished and a little unimaginative. The longest of them does not exceed six minutes, and their average length is about three and a half minutes, which for me is definitely not enough to get into the music, but maybe that is what I have mentioned earlier as the innovation.

Some light, slightly Jamaican themes, though one can criticize them that sometimes they are hackneyed, they still carry a light, summer message, which is ideally suited to the hot afternoon in a hammock. The tracks are created curiously, they are rhythmic, harmonious and basically filled with all the elements of music laconically called chillout.

It could seem that nothing is hardly able to surprise me in dub music, and each new album will be comparable to the cult productions such as IN DUB by Hallucinogen, and always it will utterly lose. Nothing could be further from the truth, because even though the previously mentioned album was released a long time ago, I am always willing to reach for the production of the project Celt Islam.

6 / 10