Global Communication ‎– 76:14

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Global Communication ‎– 76:14
    Global Communication

      1. 4 02
      2. 14 31
      3. 9 25
      4. 9 39
      5. 7 39
      6. 0 54
      7. 8 07
      8. 5 23
      9. 4 14
      10. 12 18


’Use your imagination – numbers are chosen to identify separate tracks because 'names’ tend to bias the listener by pre-defining images, places and feelings. This gives the listener the freedom of imagination to derive whatever he/she wishes from the music. Hence track run-times are given in place of track titles.’ – Global Communication 76:14.

This album saw the daylight in 1994 and has 23 versions released in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Russia and Australia. It was created at the turn of 1991-1994, and the fact that the tracks are devoid of titles for sure in a special way it makes it unique among all the achievements of the gents from Global Communication, as well as other ambient and downtempo productions. It also should be mentioned about these 23 versions of the album. I think that without thinking it can be taken as an indicator of an outstanding artistry of the musicians from Global Communication, as well as the harbinger of a great dose of ambient sounds.

4 02 – the beginning heralds a dark and fascinating atmosphere, a light climate of some horror films of Hitchcock. Everything was covered with dark clouds that distract our attention from the full moon accompanying us and so as bathed in those dark sounds, we get a fairly specific mood. (Suspens)

14 31 – the sound of the clock, countdown of the seconds, the sound of the waves in the distance – all combined together gives us a mysterious atmosphere. Like lost souls we follow after dark forest full of huge trees, through the forest from which there is no escape, and only when in the distance we can see a slight glimmer of sunlight, immediately we are pulled back into the abyss of the mighty and all-powerful nature. While keeping losing, looking out, after some time we will understand that it is where we belong, here is our home, and thanks to the sounds of this place definitely we will not want to go into the sun. (Lost in Forest)

9 25 – torn a little out of a context, devoid of dreams, we come face to face with our own mind, changeably the waves of gross bitter cold and heat affect us, and lost somewhere in the recesses of our mind we try to see something of value, but looped we can only see the emptiness, powerlessness associated us from the outset of this track. (Split Personality)

9 39 – still murky and with a touch of horror, and additionally the cool that appears in the form of a cool breeze only enhances our experience. The world has become only slightly scratched space, shrouded with soft light, devoid of perspective, and we can only see a delicate outline of a whole. The climate has become quite severe, almost devoid of any life, we can get the impression, just like we were the only one who survived after a huge crash. (Breezing Air)

7 39 – quite heavy and intricate, once again destructing our thinking order, tearing our thoughts to the smallest pieces, not allowing to focus even for a moment, and despite the nice melody, once we get into every sound, we are not able to feel naturally and free. Immediately our mind starts to think, tries to fix something, to make sense, but despite many attempts it is not possible, here you just need to give your mind to a higher power. (Mind Sense)

0 54 – a mixture of languages of the world, closed in a few seconds and in a few words, the sounds placed somewhere in the distance, bouncing like an echo. Global communication also distinguishes us and distinguishes from others, but the most important thing here is what we all have in common – communication through the emotions that the sounds give us. (Communication, Your Emotions Through Our Sound)

8 07 – different from anything we have heard before, it does not tangle our thoughts, it does not close us in the dark depths, it does not divide ourselves, but slightly melancholically leads us to the merry land of dancing people, satisfied with the present life and having the joy of drawing on each subsequent breath. Maybe is it a land devoid of sin, and its inhabitants are now celebrating theit new birth?! (Life After Sin)

5 23 – the land of happiness is being continued. The same melody, the same beat, and maybe even the same one, a lot of positive energy, and even though the track uniformity here is very noticeable, you listen to every second with a big grin on your face, and in the end our thoughts can easily be sorted out. (Life: Part Two)

4 14 – probably it is one of the most melancholic tracks, which I have heard. It is very raw, devoid of the melody, and having a huge amount of audio spots, dressed in all shades of gray. A whistling wind, rustling distorted waves, cosmic metallic reverb – it is really hard to catch a little bit of luck here, but if we wanted to drift toward the oblivion, then we have an excellent opportunity for doing it. (Greyish)

12 18 – perfect for once again loosing your 'ego’. For more than twelve minutes surrounded by the cold sounds we can look inward, hear the lost inner voice, to find an answer to bothering us for a long time questions and despite the track has no predisposition to build a great atmosphere, with its subdued ups and downs it moves us to some deep reflections . Definitely it is a delicious ending of the album. (Inner Voice)

76:14 is an album of the species called 'You just need to have it’. This is the album that was a milestone for many ambient and downtempo productions. Some deep melodies, cold and raw sound spots, the amazing atmosphere of each track – those are just few of many indicators of this album, and the fact that each of us can assign the title to each track, gives us the opportunity to create a different story each time.


9 / 10