English / Polish version

    Compilation (Dj Zen)

      1. Zeta Bieng (Flute Mix)
      2. Voice Of The Universe
      3. Speak Your Mind (Open Air Mix)
      DJ ZEN & JACE
      4. Discover
      5. Aurora Borealis
      6. Sacral Meeting
      7. Dust And Daffodils
      8. Air Conditionning
      AES DANA
      9. Cloudwalker
      10. Air Song (Remix)


The elements – a reductionist philosophical conception according to which the material world (the universe) is composed of several basic elementary bodies. Some alternative proportions in which they exist in different objects and substances have to be responsible for the complexity of the material world, and the reactions in which they fall with each other, have to explain the transformations in this world.

Dj Zen (Altar Records) in his compilations basing on the Hellenistic theory of the elements, shows us four basic elements – the air, water, fire and earth. As a final addition he regales us with the element number five – with the ether, of which celestial bodies and a sphere of constant stars were to be built.

There is nothing else left for us but only to follow the first proposed element – AIR. ’You are now entering a new world of …’ From the very beginning Zymosis will throw us to the skies. ZETA BIENG is a track full of loose arrangements, energy and delicate flute playing, as it is indicated by the title – FLUTE MIX. A women’s vocal piercing through the wall like an echo completes the whole of the track. VOICE OF THE UNIVERSE – and we have little choice but to fly even higher into the skies. Is the drifting through the blue clouds real? Listening to the lightly scattered sounds – it is! Aquascape & Skydan are offering us a powerful dose of celestial psychill. SPEAK YOUR MIND heats up long and no longer moves as much as predecessors. Maybe it is a purposeful action of Dj Zen, just to avoid a situation in which we would ‘get high’ too quickly?! In any case, it is worth to note here the gentle and gradual building-up of the atmosphere. Through a bit dismal start to the firm and strong beat, aided by a male voice and some choirs of angels, to a female vocal and cumulation of the positive energy that is omnipresent. DISCOVER performed by Tentura and we will fly a bit more joyful and jauntily, and those who wish to stamp their leg a little they are having a great opportunity for that. Shakri – AURORA BOREALIS and the tempo slightly falls down at the beginning. Everything revolves gently and freely with the accompaniment of a female grumbling. However it is not really so soft because deep beat revives and gives to this track an interesting, even somewhat mystical atmosphere. Another track and it seems that Chronos will calm our soul a bit. However SACRAL MEETING will not give us a rest – among a ‘rugged’ melody we will split into pieces just to see as much as possible in the skies. DUST AND DAFFODILS in the implementation of Asura and without a doubt we know that it must be good. A start full of clean space and quickly emerging, piercing beat announce that once again Asura will grow over everything and everyone. DUST AND DAFFODILS raises our body, mind and soul. It takes us on an isolated journey through a solemn galaxy. Asura and everything is clear. AIR CONDITIONNING – does Vincent really want to cool us off a bit? After a raging travelling with Asura such a coolness would certainly be useful to us, but Aes Dana does not remain indebted to his predecessor. Although the beginning is a very downtempo arrangement, with every second the track speeds up, until we can finally say that the ‘down’ got ‘uptempo’. This uptempo is full of slender and undulating sounds. Ra – CLOUDWALKER. The title speaks for itself. The God of the sun, creator of the world and master of order in the universe can not take us anywhere else, like for a hike among some giant clouds and hot rays of the sun. CLOUDWALKER is a fabulous quintessence of joyful chill, delicate downtempo and delicious goa. Solar Fields – AIR SONG ends our close encounter with ‘AIR’. A faster version of AIR SONG inspires positively and gives hope that our next meetings with the elements will be even more interesting.

The meeting with AIR is definitely a so-called ‘must have’ position. I would divide the disc into two parts. The tracks from the number one to six are a light warm-up, and from the number seven to ten are the quintessence of what is in psychill the best, the finest, the most interesting, the most…


8 / 10