Damian L

(Katowice) English / Polish version

Damian L
    WHERE: Poland
    WHAT: music making
    ALBUM: don’t have my own, but there are some others
    PARTY: I do not participate in parties
    LIKE: originality
    DISLIKE: popularity and comerce
    PRIVATELY: cool guy
    Official site

As he said about himself:

‘The first time I heard about psychedelic music happened accidentally when about ten years ago, I bought a magazine Techno Party – a cheap cd with techno music. It was a compilation of Dragonfly Records. I thought, ‘what is it?’, but after some time I have enjoyed these sounds.

After few years, I met other music genre such as ambient, minimal, drum and bass by listening to radio broadcasts TechnoTerror in 95.1 (now commercial Planeta FM). Finally I started to play and make music on my own. Since (over) 10 years or more I have tried to learn how to make the music. First of all, chillout and ambient, but sometimes I want to create something faster like full on or dynamic drum and bass.
Why psychedelic? Because it is a musical genre without any barriers, the more artists of this genre, the more diversity in sound you can hear. It does not matter whether we are talking about acid sound, synthetic, natural and classic goa. When they are well mixed they form a beautiful whole such as for example Infected Mushroom ‘Dancing With Kadafi’ – very original track, in my opinion’.